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What's It Cost For Whole-House Solar Power System

Q: My buddy's visiting and he was wondering what it would cost to retro-fit a typical house to solar.

What costs what? Panels. Batteries. Inverters. ???

A: Impossible to answer with no full lot of info. How a big number of grains of sand are within the beach?

I can inform you this based in your battery pack comment. If using electric batteries it'll amount to at least 10 times more for power for the rest of your daily life as in comparison to buying it from your electric company. Not to mention all paid up entrance in cash every five years. electric batteries systems might for no reason be out to use unless there is no other feasible alternative.

solar power system But lets look right into a shot at say a technique in ordinary town America, possessing a American ordinary everyday use of 20 Kwh. Two systems, a grid tied, and one off-grid battery

In ordinary Town USA you accumulate a yearly ordinary day of the 1 week solar Insolation of five Sun hrs getting put to use for a grid tied system, and while in the zsame area 2.5 Sun hrs in winter for the battery pack system.

For grid tied you need:
4800 watt solar panel array
4500 watt power inverter.
Average cost with permits, material, and labor $8 per watt = $38,400

Off Grid PV System  you need
12,000 watt solar panel array
3 - 80 Amp MPPT Charge controllers
150 Kwh battery pack stack weighing 8300 pounds. Needs exchanged every five to 7 years at roughly $19,500
10 Kwh Industrial Grade Inverter to hold the 2 ton heat pump.
Cost estimate with EPA and local permits, material and labor $72,000



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