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300W pure sine wave Inverter

pure sine wave inverter

300W pure sine wave inverter



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Product Info.:

 300W dc to ac pure sine wave power Inverter

Portable Power for many power tools and various appliances, including vacuum cleaners, small refrigerators, TVs and more. Great for autos, trucks, RVs, boats, camping and more!


Compact and light weight

Modified  sinewave  output  

High  efficiency 

Voltage  overload  protection  

High  output  current  surge  

Low  battery  alarm  /  shut  down



Model:                                     VS-300

Continuous power:                300W

Surge power                            600W

Input volt                                   12VDC/24VDC/48VDC/110VDC

Output volt                                 100/110/120VAC/220 /230 /240VAC         

Frequency                                  50 / 60Hz

Efficiency                                    < 85%

No load current draw                 <0.3A

LED indicate volt &  load             LED indicate the in/out put voltage

LED indicate power                      LED indicate output power

Output waveform                          Pure  sine wave

Automatic protection              Overload,Short circuit,Overthermal ,Fuse ,Over Voltage

Environment temperature range               -10 ~ + 50

Storage temperature range                       -30 ~ + 70

THD                                                                 <5%



Power inverter optional socket:

 power inverter socket


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